What do we provide?

Executive and Professional Coaching

The package is designed to robustly improve an organization in 3 core areas: financially, operationally and culturally. The assessment and coaching have been utilized by Fortune 500 and global leading companies.

Leadership Consultancy and Development

We help you develop your leadership team and improve organizational culture via 1-on-1 and computer based assessments followed by training and executive coaching programs. We identify performance gaps in your team and create solutions to address it.

Development of Innovation

We consult companies on the best approach to introduce innovative changes, covering a full-cycle process, starting from the business case analysis, organizational culture analysis and followed by software development and training.

Training & Mentoring

Our Training and Mentoring services include strategy training and strategy facilitation coaching, management skills development, sales skills development, burnout prevention, customer-centricity/ customer service, soft skills, financial management and much more. Average ROI - 700%. We invite the world's best English and Arabic speaking trainers.

A Little About Us

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.Confucius

QHDA is a Qatari based company which helps companies to improve their organizational culture and financial bottom line by providing genuine consultancy, training, assessment and coaching services.
We transform businesses and governmental organizations in Qatar by focusing on their people and technologies.


According to the work of Noble Prize Winner, Economist Sir Angus Deaton, you cannot increase the performance of high-paid employees with old-type management of commands and control. Organizational issues drain the performance and prevent innovation. People become demotivated and the processes become slow. What can you do then? Contact us and we will explain.

Why Choose Us?

At QHDA we believe that every success and every failture has a reason or a rootcause. We have the tools to help you understand the ways how you can succeed taken your current circumstances.

Our consultants are the best people in the world in their fields working with Fortune 500, innovative startups and Governments. We invite them to Qatar to help your organization strive. On top, we LOVE what we do.

We prefer not to offer you ready made solutions, but take time to understand your specific challenges and offer spot-on help for addressing them in an effective and quantifiable manner.

Any member of the organization’s workforce can add value or take away value from the enterprise. Most do so unintentionally, especially on the front line. Our services are designed to drive more purposeful action execution and decision making to drive productivity and performance.