Executive coaching is for you if you want to:

Go to the next level in your career

Increase the effectiveness and impact of your actions, set and achieve goals in your personal and professional life.

Improve your performance

See what drains your energy, cope with anxiety and depression, deal with fears, develop the habits of champions.

Eliminate burnout and dissatisfaction

See the situation from a new perspective, develop the character for success, evoke creativity.

Achieve your goals

Your relationships will influence your career and this will influence your health, too. Manage all the aspects of your life and create a better version of yourself.

Challenges I work with

This indispensable tool allows you better understand the motivation of your employees and develop a management approach for a maximized performance. Upon your completion of this diagnostics we will be able to evaluate the depth of your professional burnout and the aspects which motivate you at work. You will receive tailored recommendations on how to do better and feel better at work. During this assessment we will measure 20 characteristics reflecting how you perceive your work. There are no right and wrong answers, only having your truthful answers will allow us to create a positive change at your workplace. Take the assessment at this link: www.burnout.qhda.org or Request a Quote for Burnout & Motivation Assessment

Individual Sessions Scenario:

  • Session 1: Set your goal 100%

  • Session 2: Understand what influences your goal 100%

  • Session 3: Find opportunities for reaching your goal 100%

  • Session 4: Create an action plan 100%

  • Session 5: Define and assess personal traits, which are important for your success 100%

  • Session 6: Integrate the shadows of your character to be able to allow new character traits 100%

  • Session 7: Eliminate fears, anxiety and other limiting factors 100%

  • Session 8: Optimize your vision and check the progress with your goal. 100%

How it works:

IMMEDIATELY AFTER PAYMENT we create ACCESS to your individual coaching FOLDER.
AT THE INTRODUCTORY SESSION I ask you to do several exercises, which will help to better understand your REALITY and specify your GOALS.
Based on your preference, we will either have IN PERSON meetings, VIDEO/ VOICE calls or EMAIL and WhatsApp correspondence almost on daily basis.
I will be giving you personalized tasks and insights, which will help you accomplish your request. We will KEEP IN TOUCH as we progress every day on improving your life.
I GUARANTEE that working with me will create a SIGNIFICANT POSITIVE CHANGE in your life.

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My Testimonials

"When I first started working with Elena, i was suffering from severe panic attacks, which mostly happened around crowds, both in social and work environments, but also when i was alone and i could not understand the causes or triggers for these attacks or deal with the attacks in a functional way. With Elena’s guidance we looked into the underlying issues that were causing these attacks, so that i could recognize and work to solve or improve those issues. Also she advised me on the nature of the attacks, why they were happening and what was actually going on physiologically, so that we worked on effective procedures to handle the effects of the attacks in a way that made me confident in my ability to still be functional if and when they happen again. In my experience, Elena has a great amount of empathy and excellent insight when it comes to guiding someone through difficult times and without excess pressure has helped me find the direction i need to move towards, so that i can live a happier and more balanced life". - Marios, 32 y.o. Entrepreneur (Cyprus)Relationships & Panic Attacks
"She has this continual positive focus that just keeps driving forward. After the first session I came away with a renewed sense of energy helping me to deal with obstacles as they arise, and then in addition to just listening to my thoughts and feelings she helped to equip with the tools that I need to pass some challenges that I am facing. I have found Elena professional, perceptive, and practical. She is an exceptional coach and a great person to have on your side". - Mostafa Abdo, CEO at Al Rowad, QatarBusiness Automation
"It is possible to spend time planning and crafting a project in an ideal world of imagination. It is also possible to make a step into the unknown and start acting here and now. It is so cool we made this step hand in hand with good friend and teacher, Elena. She became our mentor. The work with her gave us enough courage to launch. There are different mentors out there, but Elena helped us with no hard pressure, in a focused way with sincere interest and desire to help with advice and work. During 1,5 months we met twice per week and communicated remotely. Elena's book "Your Social Start-up" helped us nail the goals of the project. This book really has step-by-step instructions for launching your own business. Tested! Elena, thank you for your work! Our victory in the contest of Social Start-ups belongs to you same as it does to us"! - Anna Shamko, CEO and Founder of JakMama (Belarus)Starting a business

Elena Beutel

Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant

"My role in people's life is to evoke their faith, energy, and clarity required for achieving their authentic goals...It gives me immense fulfillment to see my clients' success." Elena B.

Accomplished Coach with the expertise on the intersection of IT and Learning & Development Consulting. Experienced working with corporates, startups, consultancies, and governments. Strategic thinker and observer with the focus on getting results. Culturally aware thanks to the experience of travel to 69 countries, clients from all continents and the knowledge of several languages. Excellent communicator and connector, putting people at ease and helping them to achieve their goals is my #1 driver.

  1. Education
  2. Bachelors in International Economy • Masters in Organizational Psychology • ICU Certified Coach • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral therapy) Practitioner • Hypnotherapist

  3. Causes
  4. Starting a Business • Increasing Business Profitability • Developing Favorable Organizational Culture • Developing International Sales and BD Channels • Developing Innovation • Burnout & Motivation Assessment • Strategy Assessment • Life Coaching • Relationships Coaching • Wide Range of Training • Solution Search

  5. Languages
  6. English • Russian • Italian • Belarusian • German • Spanish • Arabic

  7. Experience
  8. Doing sales and marketing for an international IT company • Running own IT consulting business with clients from all over the world • Assembling teams for IT and Educational projects • Launching social entrepreneurship projects • Writting books

  9. Hobbies
  10. Traveling • Fashion modelling • Reading (minimum 50 books per year)• Writing (authored 2 books) • Sport (yoga and swimming) • Psychology, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy and Coaching


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Our Prices

1-on-1 strategy session


  • Duration 3 hours
  • At the end of the session you will walk out with a motivating and precise plan of how to achieve your set goal.
  • Suitable for executives only.

Individual monthly coaching


  • Program duration - 30 days, Sunday to Thursday
  • Four 2 hr sessions + email communication + daily 20 min check-in included
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Goal setting, strategy, conflicts resolution, creativity development.

Group Training and Coaching


  • 5 Day Training
  • Up to 25 trainees.
  • Broad variety of topics, including Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Business Automation, Innovation, Management, Business Psychology and many more.

Contact me to discuss your challenge and see how we can help


Email: elena@qhda.org
Instagram: @elena_coaches

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