How to be happy at work?

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Hi everyone and I hope you are having a nice day!

Here I come with a series of 8 articles on “Corporate Happiness”, or how to feel profoundly fulfilled, calm, happy, motivated, energetic and productive at work. After you read all the 8 articles and implement all the suggestions, you will have no way to remain unhappy and unfulfilled at work, guaranteed! I feel I have to write about it, because it took me much effort and many years until I figured out my quest for happiness in my career. Now being a happiness coach, psychologist and a corporate trainer I can help you with that, too.

Why is that so important? Because if you feel happy at work, you will be on average 37% more productive, engaged and creative and on top, being happy feels really good. Times change and we need to be innovative and profound in order to be able to adapt to these new realms.

See if you recognize yourself in one of more of these situations:

  1. You have a good job, much better than most of your friends, but still you feel very unhappy, unmotivated and unfulfilled there. You can’t figure out where it comes from and what can make you feel alright.
  2. You are unsure if your job is right for you and you often think of what your vocation is.
  3. Work related stress is too tough on you, even vacations and relaxation do not help.
  4. You feel trapped with responsibility and duties and you feel close to a burnout.
  5. You or your employees do not stay for too long in the same company and this liquidity bothers you and causes losses to business.
  6. You or your employees are totally frozen and unmotivated at work and it bothers you.
  7. You are in HR or management position and seeking for the ways to increase company’s performance through better engagement with employees.

How many of the above apply to you?

In these series I am going to bring light to different reasons why people feel unhappy at work and give you practical ideas of how to handle that.

Today I am going to tell you about 4 core drivers that you unconsciously try to fulfill in your career. This information is taken from Sigmund Freud and later developed into the system-vector studies by Russian psychologists. See which description is the most applicable to you, start working in this field and see your happiness at work increase.

DRIVEN BY GROWTH (skin vector). If you are such a person, then your biggest need in your career will be to expand your impact, to achieve higher material and social status, to bring something to the next level. Doing this will make you happy at work. Your talents are creativity, leadership, logic, agility.

To become happier at work you should:

  1. Have a clear vision how you can go to the next level in your career or business and work towards fulfilling this vision. The absence of a clear promotion plan in an organization makes you really frustrated, stuck and unmotivated.
  2. Since you need a lot of change and challenge, you can partially fulfill them in your outside of work activities and hobbies, for example, in travelling.
  3. Be the one who suggests innovations at your organization and make sure you are being listened to.

DRIVEN BY MASTERY.  If you are such a person, then your primarily need in your career will be to know all the little and big things about your field and your profession and to become a real reliable expert. In today’s world the commitment to mastery is rare. And if you get deprived from the opportunity of digging deeper in your area of expertise, finding how different aspects function under different conditions and what are the norms and best practices in every aspect – you become very frustrated, unproductive and unfulfilled.

Your strong sides are analytical mind, hardworking attitude and attention to detail.

To become happier at work you should:

  1. Regularly collect and structure new knowledge about your profession. For this you can attend different specialized courses, watch videos with experts, ask for the input or advice from team members, learn from the best people in your field.
  2. Get your narrow specialization and become a world class expert of dealing with 1 specific issue.

DRIVEN BY FEELINGS (visual vector). If your primary vector is visual, then your biggest need at work is to feel at peace. If there is too much stress or conflicts at work or just some people that are unpleasant for you – this makes you question your career. Your talents are in creating harmony and in being a good communicator.

To become happy at work you should focus on:

  1. Managing your stress, learning different techniques for getting balance and harmony in your feelings and emotions.
  2. Learning about emotional intelligence and coping with your fears.
  3. Resolving interpersonal conflicts in your organization and reaching peace with different team members.
  4. Organizing a comfortable and beautiful working space.

DRIVEN BY VALUES (sound vector). If you are such a person, then your main concern will be to find the answers to the profound questions of who you are, what is the ultimate good you can do in your work and for what, what is your true vocation. Your core talent and at the same time your core need is to understand your own nature and the nature of a human being.

To become happy at work you should:

  1. Choose the areas which are intellectually stimulating and somewhat mysterious. It can be psychology, psychiatry, medicine, programming, teaching, art.
  2. Work on clarifying your values, what your inner strength consists of.
  3. Dwell in literature and surround yourself with people who are able to provide insights to your profound questions.

Which of these descriptions apply to you the most?

If you manage employees – make sure that your work environment caters to the needs of all these 4 types.


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