How to become highly productive at work? Flow.

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Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi put years of practise in researching this special state which he calls “Flow”. Flow is when you are totally in a moment and you feel capable and powerful doing what you do. This is the only state when you can create something genius.

Good news is that you can also learn how to stimulate the state of flow and bring it into daily work.

We all knew this high state from childhood, when our dreams were very precise and they actually often came true.

You might have felt it when you learned how to ride a bike, or when you started swimming, or when you finally went on a trip, or when you created something just by yourself.

In our adult life we experience flow when we do something that we truly love. This might be something sport related, like dancing, yoga or martial arts. It can be also related to hobbies: writing, cooking, resolving some challenges. Flow appears when we gaze beauty. Flow is also very strong in sex.

There are 4 conditions that must be in place if you want to achieve flow in your WORK:

  1. The task you are working on should be challenging, but not too much, so that you know you can handle it.
  2. You must have time and concentration to work on this task.
  3. Your goals regarding your task are very clear.
  4. You are both relaxed and concentrated at the same time.

If you are not in a flow at work, than you are either too stressed or too bored there.

So, what can you do to elicit this wonderful state?

First, make sure that all the 4 necessary conditions for flow are in place.

Organize your work schedule in a way that you have special time when you are not distracted to work on a specific goal that is important to you.

Remember how you felt when in flow and provoke this state in you simply by recalling it.

To do it easier, make sure that you absorb this state every time you are in it and fully enjoy it.

List the situations and contexts in which you experience flow. Think of the ways how to practise it more often.

Make it your habit to always work in the state of flow.

We get used to doing something after 21 days of practising. And after 90 days we start doing it automatically without having to think of it. That is the strategy to grow a genius within you. Just start practising the state of flow for your maximum creativity and performance.

By the way, many advertising campaigns are made to provoke this state within us by showing us something inspiring or sexually driven. And we as consumers pay a lot for having a chance to experience this state.

I hope now you learned some useful techniques which will awaken a genius within you or simply make you a happy and fulfilled person.

To your success!


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