On how to eliminate anxiety at work

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Do you recognize yourself in one or several of these contexts?

  1. I am very ambitious, I dream big, I put all my time and energy into working towards my big vision. I prioritize my success above anything else, that is why I worry a lot if I can really make it. On top, I do not have “work – life” balance, my life is mainly work.
  2. I suffer from panic attacks, from time to time I experience very strong, uncontrollable and almost animalistic fear.
  3. Thinking that I have 100s of things on my “to-do” list is unbearable.
  4. Thinking that I have so many responsibilities not only for myself, but also for others and there is no way to avoid all that drives me crazy. So many things depend on me and it becomes unbearable.
  5. People in my team are not performing and I can’t do anything about it. This makes me very anxious.
  6. There are tons of little things that can go wrong and I feel very anxious that I can’t control it.

Please write me in private or in comments if you have any of these or if you have other reasons for being anxious.

So, what to do?

Anxiety can be eliminated forever, you just need to dedicate your time and effort to doing that. I guarantee this will pay off big time!

Learn to be in control of your mind

There is a very simple connection: what you think is what you feel and what you do (or what you suppress). So, in order not to have this anxiety which sometimes even may go over the top if you suppress it, you need to lean to control your thoughts.

It is not that difficult. Same as you control the movements of your body, you can also control the process of your thoughts.

This exercise is called “mind police”.

As a Step 1 – you start realizing what you are thinking right now.

As a Step 2 – you start evaluating if this thought does any good to you. If the thought is positive or neutral – it is ok, keep it. If it is negative and fear driven – stop thinking it. Some may say that it is necessary to think of negative scenarios and problems – I totally agree. The problem is that many people spend most of their time thinking of problems, they tire themselves and have no energy for actions.

If you have a negative thought – you write it down in a special document. Then you create an appointment in your calendar and dedicate 30 minutes to purposefully thinking this thought.

Thinking negative thoughts and getting stressed with these thoughts is like having bugs in your head which are eating your energy. You should send these bugs away or dedicate special time slot just for dealing with them.

Do this “mind police” exercise at any time just to become skilled in not thinking unnecessary thoughts. It is especially effective in a moment when you feel anxiety.

I hope these tips are helpful.

To your happiness and success!


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